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Prowl Notification Extension for Alfred

I made a simple AppleScript extension for Alfred which allows you to send a message, a link, or whatever other text you want to your iPhone via a Prowl notification.  You will need the PowerPack installed to use it, and of course you’ll need the Prowl app and a Prowl API key.

The good people at CloudApp are nice enough to host the extension file, so you can get it here:

Using the extension is simple enough.  To initiate Setup, type “prowl !SETUP!” in Alfred.  There are two settings:

  • Application Name — when you get the notification from Prowl, this is what the sending application will be named.  I usually use “MacBook” here.
  • API Key — your Prowl API key.  If you’re logged into your Prowl account on their website, you can generate that on this page:

Then, to send yourself a message you would just enter, for example, “prowl Hello World”.

Since the extension opens Applescript dialog boxes for the Setup process, it doesn’t work well if the “Background” option is set.  See screenshot below.

The AppleScript creates a preferences file in your ~/Library/Preferences folder.

Let me know if you have any questions: