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Feb 5

Super Bowl XLVI

Good game.

The game didn’t change my belief that the Giants are clearly a better team than the Patriots.  I did think the Pats did a great job of staying in the game early though, buying time for Brady to get hot.  Then the Pats went up 17-9 and seemed to be in control, but there were some big stops by the Giants in the second half.  In the end, it was all about Eli and those receivers taking it down the field, but they wouldn’t have had the chance without their defense stepping up, making big plays.

The Hail Mary at the end was even closer than it looked at first.  The Pats executed it perfectly, getting their tall tight end in the middle of a jump ball, and having not one, but two players trailing the play to catch a tipped ball.  If the ball had gotten just a little more air on it after the tip, it would have been caught by either Gronk or Welker.

Feb 1

My prediction for Super Bowl XLVI

Here’s my “don’t listen to this guy in Vegas” pick for the Super Bowl.

I think both teams will be able to score a lot, but I think the Giants defense will make it much harder for Brady than the Pats defense will for Eli.  The Giants are without question the more well-rounded team.

I believe this will also be the game that the Patriots really pay for putting a wide receiver in as their nickel back.  The Giants have three very good receivers.  I expect Eli to find Edelman and throw it to the guy he’s covering — often.

Finally, I’ve said this all year, but it was just a really down year for the AFC.  I honestly believe that the four top teams in the NFC right now (Giants, 49ers, Packers, Saints) are all better than any of the top AFC teams.  And I’m an AFC guy.  I think most any other year, this Patriots team could not have gotten to the Super Bowl.

Giants 38, Patriots 26

Feb 1

Frank Layden, Utah Jazz coach, complaining about a former player of his: “I told him, ‘Son, I can’t understand it with you. Is it ignorance or apathy?’ He said, ‘Coach, I don’t know and I don’t care.’ “